October 21, 2017

About Us

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Energy Acquisitions Group is your business partner offering unique solutions for your entire call center, direct sales, and fulfillment needs. Our solutions offer you a range of options, including; inbound programs, outbound programs, direct sales, customer care services, technical support and order processing for your products. Our approach and values always put people first, working alongside the freshest and newest technologies.

We believe in attention to detail. Our clients expect and are given dedicated services for all their business needs. This lets “Energy Acquisitions Group team to become your team” providing a friendly and enthusiastic environment. Our mission is to install your culture and your philosophies into Energy Acquisitions Group world giving you full confidence that our actions represent you in the most seamless way possible.

We understand the complexity of doing business in an environment where your competition is just a click or phone call away. We have gained industry expertise by working with a variety of clients facing similar challenges. Energy Acquisitions Group has the skills, processes, technologies and most importantly the people in place to uniquely meet the expectations of today’s demanding customer.

About Energy Acquisitions Group

We are the next generation call centre providing inbound and outbound voice support, directs sales, back office solutions, and service management. With a major investment in people and technology, our strategy revolves around a relentless commitment to provide superior services using world-class technology. During our time in the call center business, we have acquired substantial experience & expertise in B2C campaigns as well as B2B. We have the right expertise because of our experience in terms of man hours given;to elaborate we have dialed outbound over 500000 man hours in direct sales. We also have experience with inbound customer care services, tech support, and order intake amongst other verticals. We have expertise in all processes and many verticals. Processes such as quality, training, rostering breaks & shift management required for any program have already been stream lined and are in place for your campaign. Our resume boasts of over 300000 sales & retentions.

We have expertise in running various B2B and B2C, Inbound as well as Outbound processes in US, UK, Australia and Canada. For example, Energy, Cable, ISP, SEO, Website, Membership Programs, Mortgage, Telecom, Household Surveys, Diabetes Supplies, Health Supplements, Surveys, Hot Transfers, IVR and Credit Card Pulling.

We are functional with 500 seats. We are capable of upscaling our operations up to 1500 seats.

Our Mission

“To add value to our client’s business by providing cost effective – premium quality customer management services and be the preferred vendor for customer/client acquisitions.”